Everything You Need To Know About White Label Web Design

Hot Take of the Year: Clients need a website. Yeah, you heard that ten years ago, but it’s STILL real. Nevertheless, several organizations tend to underestimate the need for SMB website solutions. The irony is that website design and hosting is a $65 + billion business, and less than 75% of companies provide website solutions, whether they create their own or use white-label web hosting.

That’s a huge missed opportunity.

In reality, ‘ underestimation ‘ might be the wrong word. Some companies may want to provide websites, but they just don’t know that scaling up their website services doesn’t require a team of developers and web design experts.

There’s another chance out there. White-labelling exists to tackle this specific issue, allowing you to offer white-label website solutions to your customers without any awareness of CSS , HTML, coding and the like.

Here’s the true beauty of white-labelling: your white-label partner will do all the work while you’re getting all the glory.

Let’s take a closer look at how white-labeling works for website solutions and why it is an essential service for organizations of all sizes.

Why Agencies Resell White-Label Web Hosting & Website Solutions

White-label web hosting and web – based solutions are web – based products and services resellers may rebrand and sell to business customers at their own price point. This could mean reselling white-label website hosting, web design and creation tools, or even website add-on items such as live chats or form builders.

The most common white-label solution for websites is the design and development service provided by a third – party provider. Companies can sell websites designed by a white-label website provider under their own name and at their own price.

Here’s a breakdown of how it works using web development as an example:

  • A white-label web design company, Company A, partners with a marketing services provider, Company B. Company A can create and design websites that Company B resells under its brand name.
  • Specifically, the Company A white-label team satisfies the web design needs of Company B customers.
  • The website appears on the outside to be created by Company B, but it was designed and built behind the scenes by Company A.

The best thing about the white-label model is it’s risk-free for the agency—ROI is built-in:

  • Get white label solutions at wholesale prices from the supplier.
  • Markup the cost at your desired margin and resell.
  • Only pay for what sell

Taking advantage of white-label web hosting and website solutions will lead to huge benefits for your business without adding a lot of overhead or “loss of face” by freely outsourcing your products and offerings.

Why Do You Need to Seize Market Opportunity on Websites Before Your Competition

Websites are a key aspect of any online business activity and serve as a “home-base” for their virtual gateway. Any other aspect of digital marketing can be traced back to your website, which serves as the basis for your client’s online presence and is usually designed for final conversion or sale. We’ve said it before, and we’re going to say it again: if you don’t create websites for your clients, then someone else will.

In reality, website solutions make up a HUGE portion of the advertiser expected to spend this year, according to Borrell Associates Analysis.

You can clearly see in the above map that web hosting and web design / maintenance make up the bulk of the estimated marketing budget for most SMBs in 201. Do the solutions offered by the agencies match the demand of the SMB business? Not at all, though! According to our data , digital ads and social media are the two most common services agencies providing, with websites coming in 3. 

There is a market opportunity here for you. Shoot while the window is already open. When social media and digital advertising are fantastic, a good website should be the number one priority for SMB, making white-label web hosting and solutions a great addition to your line – up.

Website solutions present the greatest market opportunity in digital technology, but 26 percent of companies do not offer them. Taking advantage of this avalanche of website spending by adding white-label web hosting and website solutions will turn your business into a sticky agency that customers can rely on as their one-stop shop for all their marketing solutions.

5 White-Label Website Solutions You Can Resell

Adding some sort of white-label website products or services is a great idea for any reseller operating in the marketplace. The no-brainer option is to offer a full package of websites through a white-label provider: website creation (design and development) and hosting. Here’s a deeper look at what you could offer:

Website Hosting

Platform hosting is a US$ 32 billion industry, but providing internal hosting as an agency may pose some technical challenges. As a business, the last thing you want to do with your valuable time is to learn the technological aspects of web hosting. Virus and malware security, safe site visitor links, site backups, and improved bandwidth are key aspects to consider in the hosting solution.

With the white-label website hosting the developer tools, do a heavy lifting so that you can stay focused on what makes you money — selling and designing beautiful websites for multiple clients.

White Label Web Design Services

On the public side, website design and maintenance is almost a $40 billion market. If you want to step out of the middle of the process of creating a website for your clients, the solution for creating a white-label website could be the answer. As the core of your client’s online presence, you ‘re going to provide a vital part of your client’s business. Plus, combining the production of websites with other key services on this list will keep your clients locked in to ensure a longer and closer partnership.

Look for solutions that will take care of website creation and design, as well as ongoing maintenance that includes security, backups and optimization, all under the brand name of your agency.

White Label Website Builders

White-label website builders offer you and your clients the ability to create modern, responsive mobile – friendly websites that are designed for all devices. These websites can be easily created for any type of business, vertically, anywhere. 

Building custom websites for your clients is never going to be a snap fingers = get website situation, but most modern builders have an intuitive WYSIWYG editor with an intuitive WYSIWYG editor.

White Label Content Writing

Many of your clients will also want help with their website content-both on their product / service pages and on their blog. With white-labeled content, you can create your client as a trusted expert in their field with industry – specific content for their site and blog. The best part is that you don’t need any writing expertise or knowledge about the industry of your choice.

If you are already building a website for your client, selling content for the site is no brainer either. It’s a great way to expand the capabilities of your organization, add value, create extra revenue and become a stickier agency in general.

Website Add-Ons

Add additional value to the page bundles through additional products to keep customers around. These could be stuff like a live chat website, a built-in appointment schedule button, or even a generation review service to get great reviews added to the customer’s website for their customers to see. The website is at the core of your offering — add in the smallest widgets and resources to really take the extra mile as a web agency.

White-Label Websites: Choosing a Provider, Selling, and Launching Your Client’s Site

Now that we’ve discussed why to offer website solutions and which ones to provide, let ‘s look at how to actually offer them to your clients.

Choose a White-Label Partner

Your credibility is like an agency. The company and the white-label team that you choose to partner with will represent you, so it’s essential to know exactly what you need as prospective research partners!

Here are the 3 main elements of a great white-label partner:

  1. They’re the right fit: Choosing a partner with similar goals and vision and one that provides a solid product or service that’s right for your business is key. A partner who’ll help you sell the products they’re supplying is a nice bonus.
  2. They have a stellar reputation: Don’t waste your time on companies with a poor reputation and track record. You need a reputable partner with white-label experience and one that offers excellent service and support.
  3. They’re transparent: Make sure you can test drive their product or service up front, and check that their contract terms are clear. You should also make sure they offer proof of performance through detailed reporting.

?Bonus Elements? Here are a few website solution-specific elements to consider:

  1. They have a list of past websites spanning different verticals that you can check.
  2. They have special security guarantees / parameters
  3. They offer free migration from one provider to another.
  4. They have minimum hosting speed requirements

Tip: You should check out this post for a more detailed look at what to look for in a white-label partner.

Selling White-Label Websites

Selling web services can be challenging. With a product like an iPhone or a laptop, the consumer has a pretty good idea of what they’re having. Services such as custom website creation have much more flexibility, uncertainty and risk to your client.

Just like any other product or service you offer, the prospective customer will only buy if they understand the value of the transaction and trust that you will do a good job.

If you sell products, your sales pitch comes down to communicating the interest to your business customers. To sell your website services, you must:

  1. Get customers to buy-in: Express trust in the services of your agency and create faith in your integrity and expertise. Your salesperson will need to express local business prospects where to improve their current website or to demonstrate the value of creating a website. Plus, they’re going to have to offer social proof that you’re a reliable agency to work with.
  2. Eliminate the fear of one-time website design: Freelance web design contractors have created a stigma surrounding websites where web design is essentially the one-off development of a site with zero assistance after the site has been designed. Show your clients that your agency (and your white-label partner) will support them with the maintenance and any future updates, improvements or redesigns they may want.
  3. Offer a variety of website services for their business: If your client prefers WordPress, no problem! Allow your clients who already use WordPress to import their sites to your web hosting site. For clients who want simple solutions that they can monitor, offer drag – and – drop website building tools. Do they want more pages? eCommerse options? conversion-optimized landing pages? Make sure you offer these options.


White Label Web Design with a White-Label Team

Working with the White-Label Web Design Team should be a communicative, collaborative process, just as it would be for any contract work you purchase.

Here are the basic steps that go into working with your white-label team:

  1. Consultation: The process should start with a consultation call to discuss the client’s needs and details about the project, like the color scheme and logo, domain name preferences, check out some sample sites, marketing materials, homepage layout requirements, tabs and pages, features, images and graphics ideas.
  2. Website Creation: First, the team will start working on the website, testing to see that the branding and design elements of the site and the industry – specific content come together as decided.
  3. Launching the Website: After everything has been submitted and accepted by you, your white-label team will complete the site look and feel with some final site optimization tasks. After the final work has been completed and authorised, your client ‘s website will go live and be ready for business!

?Note: Direct contact between the white-label team and your client will be essential to make it happen! That’s why it’s really important to choose a business that will serve you well. For starters, Vendasta ‘s white-label teams act on behalf of our partners, and we always use a toll – free number and a white-labeled email to reach out to our partners ‘ clients.

The clients will probably have some suggestions and requests after you go online. The completion of the work on the website should not stop when the first version of the website goes live! This is a perfect time to suggest maintenance packages and design improvements if you haven’t already done so.

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