Is Outsourcing Web Design Really Cheaper?

Find Out How Outsourcing Web Design Overseas Could Put You at Ease

In this digital era, more and more people are leveraging on the power of the internet, hence the needs for a website also spikes up as more and more businesses are aiming to establish a strong presence online to be at par with the growing online community.

While this may seem to be a good problem, some companies find it quite challenging on finding the right people to work on their website projects as they need to have a team of providers who could help them achieve their business goals in terms of development.

With that in mind, others think about outsourcing these tasks to an agency that could potentially support all their needs from website design, search engine optimization, content management system, multimedia options, customer support, payment options, and search engine marketing solutions. While this may seem to be a wise move, not everyone is buying this idea due to some limiting beliefs and hesitations. And to help you decide whether this would be good for your company or not, let’s dive deeper into some logical concepts behind this business model.

Why Outsource Web Design and Development?

There’s a lot of reasons to utilize outsourcing for website development projects. As the world is becoming more internet-dependent and technologically advanced as days pass by, the need to have a team of professionals to handle the job also soars high. Therefore, this is enough reason not to limit yourself to available local developers only when you can indeed find a good set of people in various locations to fill in the shoes for your business projects – getting the same caliber as that of your local provider but in a much cheaper and cost-effective offer.

Outsourcing Your Website Development Projects to Online Freelancers Is A Timesaving And Cost-Effective Solutions

Moneywise, these people have lesser overhead expenses as they don’t have to pay business fees nor rent an office space to carry out their tasks. They could simply work at the comfort of their own homes while only minding about their internet service subscription and other tools needed to complete the project, making the overall cost of maintaining a business cheaper, hence allowing them to offer their service a little bit under than what you’re supposed to pay for an in-house developer.

Time also equates to money. Setting up your own in-house web development team is not an easy task but a lengthy process indeed. You need not search for a pool of talents only, but you also must take care of the onboarding process as well.

While the hiring phase could take several weeks or months, depending on your requirements, the amount of time involved in setting up the campaign and starting the project is also long-winded.

To save time and money on building your in-house team, one smart way to do it is to outsource web design work. By doing so, you won’t have to think about paying for annual salaries or raises, training and paid seminars on every new application and tools rollout, nor worry about other statutory benefits such as health and retirement plans for a fulltime employee. By doing so, you could potentially save up to 20% of total development costs when working with a remote team, making outsourcing web design solutions financially attractive.

Another thing to consider is that you have less burden in managing your people as you don’t have to deal with the recruitment process again in case someone quits or discontinue their service for it will be the agency’s responsibility to provide you with your manpower needs to cover all the ongoing projects for your company.

Moreover, savings are not only significant based on the labor costs in each country, as this could also involve the expenses related to the tools and software needed to do the work. While getting the service of a freelancer may seem to be a good option, you also have to consider the fees for any premium software needed and the commitment level of employing a freelancer as opposed to getting an agency who will take care of all the application costs while providing you a dedicated team to work on your project alone.

Outsource Web Design to the Philippines

As there could seem to be a lot of good and qualified white label website development agencies globally, it is a known fact that the Philippines is indeed one of the highly favored countries in doing these tasks. More than the money itself, it is indeed the peace of mind that matters the most for you can be assured of getting quality work for just a fraction of a cost by having a dedicated and committed workforce that will help you carry out your business goals.

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