How to get 0 to 10,000+ Organic Clicks in 3 months

In just a matter of 3 months, our blog that almost gets no clicks at all suddenly skyrocketed to reasonable amounts.

Today, the same page gets an average of 1000+ organic clicks per day, which is already 10% of our website’s total organic traffic per day, allowing us to generate revenue for about $200 per day as well!

So, what did we do to achieve this milestone?

We only did one thing:

Updated the Page Regularly

In Google’s eyes, every website is like a living creature that grows and evolves every day. It’s only reasonable since that’s how the information really works. Every day, new information is getting created, new data is getting processed, so it’s only reasonable to assume that.

We updated the page through simple Keyword Optimization and Keyword Densities.

We first check our current keywords for the last 7 days from Google Search Console:


We then perform a keyword feasibility research to each of them to determine which would have a greater chance of getting ranked according to our website’s domain authority.

In this case, we optimized the page for “best elementor websites”.

You can easily optimize your page by increasing the frequency of a particular keyword in optimal levels. You can get these optimal levels by using a “Keyword Density Tool”.

Ideally, your keywords should only fall between 1% to 1.5% to avoid getting penalized for keyword-stuffing and over-optimization!

After updating the page, we then “Reindex” the page on Google Search Console and ask google to recrawl the website and hopefully reevaluate it in terms of ranking.

Then, ping Google to recrawl our sitemap:


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