Goldilocks Zone: Best Country to Outsource Web Design

If you’re a science geek who likes reading news about space discoveries and accomplishments, you might have already heard about the Goldilocks Zone or the Circumstellar Habitable Zone (CHZ).

If not, basically, the Goldilocks Zone is a habitable zone around a star where its distance allows it to have just the right amount of temperature, which means not too hot or too cold, right enough for liquid water to exist. The term “Goldilocks” zone came from metaphor of the children’s fairy tale of “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”, in which a little girl chooses from sets of three items, ignoring the ones that are too extreme (large or small, hot or cold, etc.), and settling on the one in the middle, which is “just right”.

Putting the nerdy stuff aside, we’ll use the same metaphor here for the best country to outsource web design.

First, we need to determine the factors we often look for outsourcing a web design agency.

1. Price

Digital pricing

In terms of outsourcing web design costs, the countries with the most expensive web design pricing are the United States and most European countries. Pricing can be from $25,000+ up to $250,000+ on average, having $150 to $200 on the hourly rate. Of course, the quality of work is perfectly guaranteed, and would surely exceed your expectations. However, these web design price ranges can be overwhelming to most agencies, especially startups.

On the other side of the spectrum, the cheaper side, Asian and Middle-east countries fit this the criteria. The average pricing for a full-fledged website may cost only between $50 to $250. In terms of quality, it can be doubtful and suspicious. Some cheap web design agencies do have a high level of quality work, but most do not.

2. Communication


Since we’re talking about outsourcing web design, communication is a vital aspect of the business. Especially on complicated projects, such as online courses, eCommerce and software-as-a-service websites, a lot of functionalities need to perfect in order to ensure you don’t lose money after the development is complete.

3. Time Zone

More on the communication aspect, the time zone of the web design agency is another critical factor. Let’s the client and agency do not have any issues regarding communication like literacy, fluency in the selected language (English for example), all that. But the agency is in the United Kingdom and the client is in Hawaii. Their time zone discrepancy would be almost 12 hours, which would certainly be inconvenient to both parties.

4. Quality of Work


Of course, even if the price is ridiculously low with the best communication and ideal time zones, the entire partnership would be obsolete if the agency couldn’t deliver quality results.

China Russia, Poland, Switzerland, and Hungary are the top 5 countries in terms of score index in HackerRank assessments, while countries like Sri Lanka and Pakistan falls at the bottom ranks.

Is the Philippines the Best Country to Outsource Web Design?


Although there’s some bias in this article, we’re going to point out some pretty important points about why our country is the best country to outsource web design.

1. Cost is not too cheap or too expensive

The average salary of a software developer in the Philippines is 554,000 PHP or 10,563.40 USD per year. Unlike in countries like China where a software developer’s salary typically ranges from 189,000CNY ($27,695.96) to 357000CNY ($52,314.59).

2. English speaking country

The Philippines is one of the largest English-speaking populations in the world, where 92% of Filipinos speak English. English is considered to be a “second language”, and taught in schools as part of their curriculum. Filipinos also have high compatibility with western cultures making the Philippines an influential player due to their high English literacy rates.

3. Overlapping time zone

overtime-late-work-930x558 (1)

While Time Zone can’t be solved since it can’t be changed like pricing or improve like in communication, you can find Filipinos willing to work late which tends to overlap conflicting time zones.

4. Competitiveness in Quality


Although the Phillippines didn’t really score high in the HackerRank assessments, that doesn’t mean Filipinos are not capable of doing complicated projects. The Internet is already an endless resource when it comes to solving problems, and Filipinos certainly use them a lot.

However, despite the poor assessment of HackRank on Filipinos, the Philipines still ranked 2nd on the Top 50 Digital Nations and Manila ranked 2nd as well on the Top 100 Super Cities according to the Tholons Globalization Index of 2018.

4. Excellent Work Ethics


Agencies invest in outsourcing to the Philippines due to the Filipinos’ good work ethics. They have good values (due to being a religious nation), integrity, loyalty, service-mindset and a friendly working atmosphere that they often integrate within their business environments. Filipinos are always happy and know how to get fun but still adhering their responsibilities and regard to professionalism.

5. Cultural Compatibility


The Philippines have been invaded by various countries in the past, including Spain, Japan, and the United States. Therefore, much of the Filipino culture today is “amalgamations” of those nations, with the Americans being dominant as can be noticed to being English considered as the second official language and the primary formal and business language.

Filipinos are also heavy internet users, with much of the population using Facebook, Netflix, YouTube, and other mainstream applications. This makes them especially familiar with the current trends and highly compatible with almost any culture in the world.

6. Tech-proficient, Young Demographic


The average age in the Philippines is 23 years old, making them one of the few countries with a relatively high young workforce. This young demographic (which is called “millenials”) grew along with the rise of technology, which gives them the innate advantage of understanding how to use technology to solve problems and make strategic business solutions.

Thanks for reading!

Overall, the Philippines still have issues when it comes to delivering quality results, such as its tendency for natural disasters, unstable economy, political issues, and poor quality medication, but if all the above factors are considered, the Philippines is worth a try!

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