10+ Best Digital Marketing Agency Websites

Digital marketing agencies give complete solutions and track records, so business owners can focus on their business. When it comes to web designing and developing, digital agencies are showing the best works to prove their digital knowledge for their clients. They offer fresh, creative, and innovative digital designs and services that are capable of to potential clients.

1. Red Badger

Red Badger uses combinations of elegant colors like black, grey, red, and yellow. Unlike many other websites that use a variety of colors for their premium, Red Badger tries to keep it simple.

Moreover, instead of showcasing pictures and bold texts, they focused on copy alone. To make the texts more interesting, they support them with numbers and stats. This is their strategy to showcase their past projects to their visitors. You will also notice the use of spot illustrations. These illustrations put character and personality and give you a taste of subtle humor.


2. Luminary

Luminary is an Australian agency that offers various digital services for big and small clients. As a testament to their vast expertise, the company made sure its website reflects its dynamism.

The website plays with different colors, tones, and hues. As you scroll down the screen, you will see the colors transition to a different one. The colors change when you reach a different section.

They also use pictures of different persons and the work they do. This provides a more human appeal that connects to visitors. Additionally, the website offers several ways of interactions. By combining bright colors, bright dots, and moving images, visitors will likely click all over the website.

3. Sponge Agency

Sponge Agency is an integrated advertising agency that works closely with its clients to absorb and immerse with their client’s business. Because of this, they will understand the customer’s journey and focus on delivering effective strategies that ensure consumer engagement and drive media performance for optimum results.

4. Be Heard

Be Heard’s website is one that is overflowing with personality. It is full of images arranged tightly. It also comes with portraits of their employees with their handwriting on the side.

All of these along with the use of bold lines form a unique and dynamic background.

The website also features a “Work” section. Here, you will see colorful square images of people, things, and places. These represent their previous projects.

BHovering your mouse over the images will reveal more details about the projects. Clicking the images will unveil a specific hero image for each project.e Heard masterfully arranged the images side-by-side without the use of any padding.

5.Code Computer Love

Award-winning digital agency Code Computerlove collaboratively offers cross-platform digital solutions with a unique meld of human behavioral understanding merged with creative and technical innovation. They received Elite Status in The Drum’s Digital Census in 2013 and are the top Elite Agency outside London, CCL also rank highly in the Design Week Top 100 2013 consultancy survey at number 28th overall and the 7th digital agency in the UK. Some of their best work includes re-launching HMV, Oxfam, the NUS, and Greenpeace.

6. Digitas (formerly Digitas LBi)

Digitas is massive, they are the largest independent marketing and technology agency in Europe and have access to over 2200 digital professionals (700 in London) around the planet that can blend insight, media, creativity, and technical expertise together for leading global brands, so you can be sure they are the mutt’s nuts in the award arena.

In their original guise of DigitasLBi (Lost Boys Interactive) are one of the most awarded marketing and technology agencies with wins that include: BIMAs, Webby Awards, One Show Awards, D&ADs, Eurobest, Cannes Cyber Lions, ADDY Awards, and London International Awards. Love the work they have done for BT, Coca-Cola, Lloyds TSB, Oxfam, and Volvo.

7. Dogstudio

The unique approach of Dogstudio lies in the presentation of their home page. When you click a particular project, you will not see a case study page. Instead, the website redirects you to the client’s actual website that Dogstudio designed.

This prompts prospective clients to focus their attention on the work itself. It also reduces the need for marketing spiels and flowery words.

Additionally, Dogstudio uses an interesting choice of words in their copy. Some of them even border to inappropriateness, which easily catches the attention of visitors. You can find these strange sentences on the website’s contact page.

8. RNO1

Digital agency RNO1 caters primarily to the west coast market. Since its headquarters are in California, the company made sure its website carried the cool and liberating vibes of a surfer.

As “embracers of change,” the company uses images of the ocean, waves, and surfing on its website. This signifies the changes that come with the ocean’s tide. Moreover, it also gives visitors that calm and relaxing vibe.

Additionally, their website already won numerous awards. These include Best UI Design, Best UX Design, and Best Innovation.

9. Flightpath

This agency aims to create experiences that connect on a human level. But not just your typical human level; it must be a “difference-making” one.

The company embodies this goal on its website. They use animations that merge human and creativity.

They also use bold texts that easily capture attention. Most of the bold texts are on the home page. They all provide links to different sections like “Blog,” “Our Services,” and “Let’s Work Together,” to name a few.

Each page comes with images with moving elements. They also contain extensive details that will give visitors a clear overview of what they are offering. Additionally, each page comes with a different color for the backdrop.


WebFX is a performance-focused digital marketing agency with services designed to increase qualified leads, phone calls, and transactions for clients. Founded in 1996 and headquartered in Harrisburg, Penn., they have over 250 digital marketing, design, and development experts who serve customers through SEO, PPC, web design, and more. They also have partnerships with Google, Facebook, Bing, Salesforce, and more.

WebFX worked with a substance abuse facility to increase client contact and revenue by redeveloping the facility’s website. The facility reported that WebFX communicated clearly and delivered projects quickly and consistently.

11. Big Leap

Big Leap is a digital marketing agency in Lehi, Utah. With over 13 years in the industry, Big Leap helps companies sustainably grow in organic reach and lead generation. They specialize in SEO marketing, content marketing, reputation management, social media marketing, conversion rate optimization, and marketing automation to match their clients’ needs.

Big Leap helped a skincare company after negative media attention. Big Leap took over and changed its website, created keyword lists, infographics, and social media content that has helped the client come back into a favorable light.

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